Info: The Google Transparency Project Enhancement and updated CA Drivers


Applies To:

All versions of TPP


The Google Transparency Project is a framework to help secure several possible attack vectors utilizing Digital Certificates. The Google Chrome browser now checks to see if the certificate is utilizing this open framework to help the authenticity of the certificate ensuring that the certificate is not Misissued, from a rogue CA, or a stolen. Venafi TrustNet also works closely with Google’s open framework.

Google Chrome is a browser utilizing a Google Transparency check to ensure certificates have been published in a trusted manner from a trusted source.

CA’s such as Symantec’s VeriSign, Thawte, and Geotrust all have the ability to issue certificates utilizing the Google Transparency project.

The Venafi solution needed to update several of its drivers to accommodate the enhanced CA Issuing features so that the certificates will be considered Valid from the Google Chrome browser.


Updated drivers to accommodate this Feature Enhancement are released in the following versions:

  • Released - 15.4.5 - 8/17/16
  • Released - 16.2.2 - 8/26/16
  • Other version patch releases are in process.
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