How to: Modify the timeout interval for Aperture (Pre 21.1)

Applies to:  

Trust Protection Platform 14.x and up to 20.x



Aperture is set to logout users after 15 minutes of inactivity by default. If your corporate standards require a lower idle time, or if it needs to be increased that can be configured. 



The idle timeout for Aperture is configured through the WebAdmin interface. 

Login to WebAdmin with a Master Admin account:

   https://<TPP servername>/VEDadmin

     Where <TPP servername> is the IP address/hostname/FQDN of the Trust Protection Platform server

Open the Policy tree.

Click on the Aperture Configuration in the left pane.

Adjust the Session Timeout to your desired Value. 

Click Save button. 

Connect to Trust Protection Platform server and reset IIS or the web site for the setting to read in by the Web site.


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