Info: In-Person Training Class requirements

Applies to:

Anyone hosting VSA training at their local site


NOTE: Due to Covid-19 concerns, at this time, no remote site training is being offered.  Also, in-person training is NOT offered at Venafi.  Everything is remote-learning.


Summary (will review post-covid)

If you would like to have an on-site training course from Venafi - that is, at a location of your choosing rather than at Venafi, you will need certain requirements as outlined below well in advance of any scheduling you perform with Venafi or your Venafi Representative.


More Information

Here is your checklist:

  1. What is the address for the training?  
  2. Is a conference room reserved?
  3. Who will be my contact on site?
  4. Will there be a projector available?
  5. What is the current expected student count?
  6. Will students have computers to use for the online labs?
  7. Will students have access to the internet?
  8. We run our labs in the Amazon cloud. Can you please check if you can access the following from your internal network:
              URL: We want to make sure you see a login screen.
  9. Is there a public wireless network for me to use?  Alternatively, would a portable wireless access point (mi-fi) be allowed?
  10. Will there be enough power outlets for everyone?
  11. Any special timing considerations?   Start – stop time?  Breaks?  Lunch?
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