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Primary Support Engineer (PSE)

When your IT environment is truly business-critical, you need to be sure you can get quick help from people who understand your environment and business needs. The assigned Venafi Primary Support Engineer (PSE) helps you get the most from your solutions, ensuring the highest levels of availability and productivity

Advanced level of support for organizations that require extended service levels to match your business needs.                      

A Primary Support Engineer solves problems and is an advocate for your business needs. Because they are assigned to only a few accounts, these engineers can give you more of their time and develop a more personalized technical support relationship with your business. You are also assured of a quick response time of less than one hour.  A Primary Support Engineer will visit you on-site periodically during the year.

  • Hours = 24X7
  • Authorized contacts = 6
  • Maximum response time - 1 hour via cellular phone
  • Includes up to 3 on-site visits during the year

Complete service from an assigned Venafi expert

Getting the most from today’s customized, open, multi-vendor environments is a real challenge. The skills and resources to support these kinds of complex systems are hard to find, especially if your solutions have been uniquely tailored to your business. Venafi has the answer. With an assigned Venafi Support Engineer, you have direct access to a named and highly experienced Venafi expert who will:

  • Understand your technical environment and get to know your team by working closely with them
  • Be proactive to help you get more from your investment
  • Work with your team to address changing needs and avoid technical problems
  • Respond quickly to design appropriate solutions to fix even the toughest issues
  • Help you avoid downtime, minimizing costs and disruption to your business

Peace of Mind

Your systems are mission-critical and you require the most experienced and responsive Venafi engineers to address your complex technical support issues. Engaging a Venafi assigned Support Engineer ensures that you have a single point of contact for all your support queries. Your assigned Support Engineer is experienced and has become familiar with your systems and your organization and has access to the entire Venafi organization, making it possible to expedite the resolution of your issue. These assigned Support Engineers can identify and resolve issues quickly, often before they cause any business disruption. 

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