Issue: Update Adaptable CA Scripts when upgrading to 16.3+

Applies to
Customers using the Adaptable Certificate Authority driver in TPP 16.2 and upgrade to 16.3 or higher


Certificates enrolled receive error message: "Adaptable CA - Failed to prepare for request with error: A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Specific'."


The purpose of the Prepare-ForRequest PowerShell function that is called by the Adaptable CA driver is to perform tasks that need to happen before submitting a CSR to the CA.  One very good use case for this is to implement logic that verifies the organization and domain being request have been vetted and are available in the configured certificate authority account.  Unfortunately, the data necessary to perform that verification was inadvertently omitted when the driver was originally released.  The Adaptable CA driver included in Trust Protection Platform 16.3 has been enhanced to pass Subject DN and Subject Alternative Name variables to the Prepare-ForRequest.  This required the definition of the Prepare-ForRequest function to change from accepting one hash table ($General) parameter to two ($General and $Specific).  So any Adaptable CA PowerShell scripts that worked in Trust Protection Platform versions prior to 16.3 needs that function definition updated as shown below in order to be used in 16.3 and beyond.

Update the definition of the Prepare-ForRequest function in your PowerShell scripts to include the "Specific lines" underlined in red as shown below.

function Prepare-ForRequest 

      HelpMessage="General Parameters")] 
      HelpMessage="Function Specific Parameters")] 

It is not necessary for the function to use the $Specific hash table, only for it to accept it when called by the Adaptable CA driver at the very start of certificate lifecycle processing.

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