Info: Oracle Database Support Deprecation

Applies To:

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 17.1.0 and higher


Beginning in Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) 17.1, Oracle will no longer be supported as a database platform with TPP—only Microsoft SQL Server will be supported. Oracle will continue to be supported with TPP 16.4 and earlier until each of these respective releases is no longer supported.

Oracle Deprecation TImeline


To be clear, migration from Oracle is not required in March of 2017 when TPP 17.1 is released. Venafi supports each TPP release for two years. This means, for example, that TPP 16.4 will be supported until December 2018. Consequently, TPP customers using Oracle have until December 2018 before they must migrate to Microsoft SQL Server.

Customers wishing to take advantage of new features available in 17.1 or later releases must migrate from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server prior to upgrading to these versions. Because Venafi is continually adding features that enable customers to better secure and protect their keys and certificates against escalating threats and risks, Venafi strongly encourages customers to upgrade to newer TPP versions as soon as possible.

Migration Support:

Venafi is providing a migration utility and support to assist customers in migrating their existing data from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server to ensure customers are successful in this migration process. This migration utility is supported for TPP 16.3 and 16.4. Please contact Venafi Customer Support for the migration utility and assistance in migrating from Oracle or with any questions regarding this change in support.

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