How to: Customize Terminology of End User Portal

Applies To:

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 14.4+


Related To:

Customizing the labels and style of the Aperture login page



The End User Portal is coupled with the Aperture Framework.  This allows the End User Portal, like Aperture, to support persistent changes to terminology and styles that will generally continue to work across upgrades.



  1. Download the "End User Portal Custom Terminology and Style (EN-US).zip" that is attached to this article.  
  2. Assuming you have used the default install paths for both TPP and the End User Portal, extract the contents to the root of your C:\ Drive.
  3. The following two filef will be placed:
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\User Portal\public\plugins\EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.js
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\Web\Aperture\Client\Plugins\EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.js
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\User Portal\public\js\terminology-custom-en-us.js
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\Web\Aperture\Client\Js\terminology-custom-en-us.js
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\User Portal\public\plugins\Authorize_Password_EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.css
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\User Portal\public\plugins\EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.css
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\Web\Aperture\Client\Plugins\Authorize_Password_EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.css
    C:\Program Files\Venafi\Web\Aperture\Client\Plugins\EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.css


These files are simply a placeholder.  It's mere presence is what tells the End User Portal that it should be using Custom Terminology for the English United States language.


Venafi\User Portal\public\plugins\EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.js

This file is what contains the actual changes to the terminology of the end user portal.  You will want to review the terminology listed.  Terminology that you do NOT make changes to should be removed from the file.  The end result of your terminology file should only be terminology variables and values that have been customized from the default text.

Venafi\User Portal\public\js\terminology-custom-en-us.js

This file can be used to change the company name.  This will affect Aperture as well.

Venafi\User Portal\public\plugins\Authorize_Password_EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.css

This file is used for the styles for the login page of the End User Portal

Venafi\User Portal\public\plugins\EndUserPortal\terminology-custom-en-us.css

This file is used for customizing the styles after the user has authenticated to the End User Portal

General Instructions

After you are done with your files, restart IIS for the changes to take place.  After IIS knows about the presence to both files, you can make further modifications to the files and they will take effect immediately without restarting IIS.

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    David Firestone

    Very useful, worked like a charm.  There are additional customizable fields not in the terminology-custom-en-us.js file in the provided .zip (such as "SuccessSupportText").  These can be discovered by interrogating the "plugin.js" file in the appropriate folder to find the necessary values to put in the custom js file.

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