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Trust Protection Platform 16.2


Watch the on-demand Customer Webinar showcasing the features available in the 16.2 release


Trust Protection Platform 16.2 New Features Overview

This new 16.2 release delivers even faster and easier support for any Certificate Authority (CA) with the Venafi Trust Protection Platform™. This release also provides enhanced reporting across your key and certificate environment, increasing visibility for better protection, incident response, and audit support.


These new features are available in Venafi TrustAuthority™:

  • New Adaptable CA Driver
    • New Feature: An adaptable CA driver that customers and business partners can customize to support any CA or CA feature quickly and easily.
    • Benefit: Maximizes the value of your Venafi platform deployment by easily protecting certificates from your CAs of choice with minimal programming skills. You can now customize support for your desired CA as you like!
  • Customized Reporting and Alerting for Venafi Agents
    • New Feature: Offers detailed and customized reporting and alerting on Venafi agents. Agent location data is extracted from the Venafi platform to generate custom-created reports within Aperture.

      Administrators can select fields and criteria, including agent health (e.g., scan failures, days elapsed since last check, etc.) and agent host name, IP address, port, OS version, agent version, and more. With this information, administrators can create a custom report, view reports on demand, or schedule report delivery on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

      Benefit: With this visibility, customers can feel secure knowing that the Venafi agent has been installed and is functioning correctly to provide an accurate key and certificate inventory.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Alerting for Certificate Install Details
    • New Feature: Provides enhanced reporting with expanded certificate installation details, such as host name, port, application (i.e., web server, load balancer, VPN gateway), IP address, and validation status
    • Benefit: With deep visibility into where certificates are installed and the applications they support, you can feel secure knowing your certificates are protected and audit-ready.
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