Venafi database with High Availability (HA)

Applies To:

16.4 and earlier


Many organizations require that they have High Availability as a configuration in their environment.

We don't "support" HA. What "support" means is that this is not currently tested within our QA. Our Product Management team is evaluating the possibilities of testing with solutions in the future so that we can have a supported method to better support your organizations needs.

We have Enhancement Requests logged asking for this feature.

More Info:

We do have several customers running HA and have only seen a couple of issues:

  1. During upgrades, it is often needed to break the cluster in order to run the database scripts and then re-cluster afterwards.
  2. Data was not fully in sync. I have seen where the sequences in the database become offset and cause a lot of issues. So, the real thing to remember is that if you are doing an HA solution. Ensure that the entirety of the database is being sent to all SQL servers involved.


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