How to: Add a logo to notification emails


This article covers the steps to add a custom logo to your notification channels.


More Info:

These steps have to be done in Windows Administration Console.


1. Go to the Logging tree and select the SMTP channel you want to modify

2. Make sure to be on the "SMTP Channel" tab

3. Click on the "HTML Message" tab

4. Click the "Add..." button to upload the image(s) we want to embed in the email

5. Give the image a name to reference when adding it to the email. We will need this name later in step 9.

6. Select the image file (.PNG, .BMP, .JPG or .GIF)

7.Click OK

8. Click "Show Markup" to view the HTML code

9. Edit the HTML code. We can now reference the attached logo with the reference name we gave in step 5.  We can add the following line to add our image to the email:

<IMG src="$$$logo$$$" align=left> 

Note the format to reference the image we uploaded. In the example we align the image to left.

9. Click "Show Markup" to view the HTML format of the message

10. Confirm that the logo appears correctly

11. Click Apply save the changes


The steps above would need to be repeated for all SMTP Channels we want to add the logo to.

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