Info: Add your Venafi Certification to LinkedIn

Applies To:

All certifications you have received through Venafi Training


If you would like to improve your LinkedIn profile you can add a certification from Venafi to it.

First, get a link to your certificate:

  1. Login to  If you forgot your password, there is a way to reset it there.
  2. Once logged in, go to the Training link and then select your certifications tab
  3. Copy the link to your certificate for the next steps.

Second, add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile

  1. Log into LinkedIn
  2. Click on Me
  3. Click on View Profile
  4. Scroll down to accomplishments
    1. If you don't have Accomplishments yet, you will need to add that section.
      1. On your profile, click on Add New Profile Selection
      2. Select Accomplishments
      3. Select Certifications
  5. Click the plus sign and choose Certification
  6. Enter your information in to the certificate using your personal certificate link

More Info:

If you are certified you can also join Venafi's Closed LinkedIn group!

You can also add the Venafi Platform Skill to your Profile!


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