How to: Recover columns in the Webadmin View after they have all been removed

Applies to:

Webadmin Views (all versions)


Webadmin views allow you to customise the information displayed by adding or removing columns.  This is done by hovering over the column header drop down arrow:





Here you can select columns and add or remove what you need using the tick boxes.


However it is possible to accidentally remove all the columns by deselecting all in the list, if this happens all column headings will disappear which means you can no longer access the list to add them back because the column header drop down button has also disappeared as shown below:





To rectify this we need to reset the user preferences to defaults which will return the standard column defaults to the views page, open the User Preferences from the user link top right:





Then select Reset all preferences:




You will then need to log out and back in for it to refresh the views columns.







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