VSA SSH addon 1-day Course Description


VSA Certification



Venafi Security Administrator SSH Product Training.

VSA SSH is a one day instructor led certification course that combs through the SSH Key Manager product which is a part of  the Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP). Completing VSA is a prerequisite to attending this class.


SSH covers the following for SSH Key Manager in TPP:

  • Configuration
  • Maintaining the platform
  • How to support end-users
  • Product security best practices


  1. Venfi Agent Overview
  2. Venfi Agent Preparation for Deployment
  3. Venfi Agent Deployment


More Information:

SSH one day day course is intended to cover the topics specific to the SSH Key Manager. Class covers using either the Venafi Agent and/or Agentless method for managing SSH keys.

Scheduled topics:

  1. Agent Overview
  2. Agent Preparation for Deployment
  3. Agent Deployment
  4. SSH Product Overview
  5. Agentless SSH
  6. Configuring SSH Work
  7. SSH Policy
  8. SSH Remediation
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