Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 17.3.2 Patch Is Released

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17.3.2 includes fixes to address the Trust Protection Platform ( TPP ) server.  NOTE: This patch contains a database script (mssql_update_17.3_to_17.3.2.sql) that MUST be run on your Database server by an Database Administrator.   If you have a custom log channel, you will also need the optional mssql_custom_log_channel_migration_17.3_to_17.3.2.sql script.  If you wish to create a new custom log channel, you will need to use the updated mssql_log_structure_SP.sql script. 

To successfully install this script:

  1. Ensure all TPP services are stopped on all TPP servers reference the Database server.
  2. Unzip the 17.3.2 patch file, which will install a copy of the necessary script file to your TPP server's file system where you unzipped the file.
  3. Copy the script files .\Database Scripts\mssql_update_17.3_to_17.3.2.sql to your MSSQL Server.  If you need either of the other two scripts mentioned above, copy them also.
  4. As the Database Administrator, run this script, which will update existing Stored Procedures. 
  5. After the database script(s) have been run, then install the 17.3.2 patch package on all servers in your TPP environment.
  6. Restart TPP services on all previously stopped servers

More Information:

Fixes contained in this patch:

Aperture dashboard collation conflict exception (VEN-37318, @30568)
Network validation is taking a long time to complete as part of the daily tasks (VEN-37500, @26345)
Wildcard character in object name issues infinite number of workflow tickets (VEN-37810, @31888)
Aperture "Validation failed" error on Renew Now wizard error after submitting if duplicate CN/SANS not allowed (VEN-37942, @32057)
After a restart of the TPP server following a Windows update, error is shown: The specified cryptographic algorithm is not supported on this platform. (VEN-37965, @20152)
After setting permissions for 120 users, permission tab returns Unknown Error Occurred (VEN-37967, @27052)
Symantec updated their API, breaking CA integration (VEN-38061, @32486)
Symantec 'Attempt Renewal' rules not followed when calling 'POST /certificates/request' API (VEN-38155, @32338)
Database Driver error is being displayed when trying to move or delete objects (VEN-38321, @31292, @21507, @31208)
Entitlement report returning null collection (VEN-38324, @21872)
TPP events are not inserted into the db in a timely manner [SQL Script required] (VEN-38595)
F5 - All existing profiles are removed from virtual server if new profile specifies the same SNI server name as one already assigned (VEN-38622, @32468)
CyberArk driver forces connection through proxy (VEN-38711, @32042)
Logs not being purged from DB (VEN-38717, @33381)
Certificate with invalid public key modulus (VEN-39126, @34000)
Adaptable CA driver doesn't work with SCEP (VEN-32927, @34183)
GSK Trust Store driver unable to user CyberArk user/password credential: Invalid Type (VEN-39315, @34089)

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