Issue: Aperture and/or WebAdmin becomes unresponsive

 Applies To:

Trust Protection Platform versions:

17.3.0 17.3.1 17.3.2 17.4.0



Aperture and WebAdmin become unresponsive and unusable. Restarting IIS or the appropriate IIS application pools resolve the issue for a while. 


17.3.0 introduced a bug in Aperture and Web Admin that caused a database connection leak to occur at login. After 100 session creations, the database connection pool is exhausted and the UI no longer responds until the application pool for the correspondence UI is reset or IIS is reset. 


This issue has been fixed in 18.1.0, we have also issued the patches 17.3.3 and 17.4.1 to cover previous versions. This patch is considered a critical patch and we recommend all customers on production versions of 17.3 and 17.4 to apply the patches as soon as possible.

The patches are available from



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