Info: Emails are not sent after creating a new certificate expiration notification rule

Applies To

All Venafi Trust Protection Platform



After creating a new notification rule for certificate expiration notice, no emails are sent when a certificate reaches this threshold.



By default, the Venafi Trust Protection Platform will start generating Certificate Expiration events 30 days before expiry.

If a notificaiotn is created to a number higher than 30 days, for example 60 days before expiry, the notification will never be triggered as events will only be created 30 days before expiry.



In order to trigger the new notificaiotn rule, change the value when the Venafi Trust Protection Platform start generating the certificate expiration events.

Log in to WebAdmin with a user with necessary permissions

Select the root policy container

Select the Settings Tab

Select the Monitoring Tab

Change the Expiration Start for Certificate to for example 90


Change policy to Lock this value


Repeat for Server Certificate, and User Certificate

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