How to rerun the Venafi Configuration Console (VCC) Wizard 18.1 +

Applies to:

Trust Protection Platform 18.1 and above


Often times the Wizard needs to be re-run in order to create or edit answer files to use for unattended/silent deployments of the Venafi Trust Protection Platform.  Currently, editing the answer files for VCC can only be done in the wizard, and not in the main console.  To enable the wizard, you will need to temporarily add a registry value and remove it after you are done in the wizard.


  1. Open Registry editor
  3. Add a string called Start Wizard
  4. Change the Value to AddToExisting, Upgrade, or Repair

    • AddToExisting will allow you to add a new system to an existing DB and is typically the option you want if you are trying to create or modify answer files.
    • Upgrade is specifically made for when TPP is being upgraded from a previous version (*Migration tasks will be run)(**use this option if you get the blank username problem in winadmin after upgrading 18.x, use this then re-run VCC)

    • Repair is mostly used for fixing Database problems - such as correcting DB settings or changing passwords on the DB without having to log in to the VCC.  Example: don't know the local master admin, and have to change DB password - use this.

  5. Go to Program Files\Venafi\Platform, and launch Venafi configuration Console.msc
  6. Load the existing answer file
  7. Select the add path
  8. Make desired changes
  9. Save a new answer file and select the option which says do not install
  10. Repeat as many times as you need
  11. Once all changes were performed, delete the Start Wizard key when done
  12. Launch the Venafi Configuration Console to ensure you can get into the main console.
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