Customer Enhancement Requests Have a New Home

Venafi Product Management is excited to introduce as the new Venafi Warrior Community. for submitting and collaborating on product ideas (formerly known as Enhancement Requests).

This is what the landing page looks like.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new site be available?

Now! The web site is already up and running and available for immediate use. 

Why is Venafi making the change?

We have received a lot of feedback from customers on ways to improve the process in which ideas are handled. This change addresses those suggestions. Some of the features of the new Venafi Warrior Community Portal are:

  • Greater visibility into all submitted product ideas, not just those submitted by your organization
  • Ability to comment and vote on any submitted idea. Customers can collaborate with each other to better articulate problems and discuss potential solutions.
  • Increased communication, responsiveness and transparency on the status and disposition of any given idea. Your ideas and votes go directly to Venafi Product Management.  Venafi Product Management responds and collaborates directly.

How does this change the way we submit our product ideas?

Instead of sending an email to or visiting, you should visit when you have a suggestion for improvements to Venafi products. The Venafi Warrior Community automatically helps you determine if your idea has already been submitted. If it has already been submitted, the Venafi Warrior Community will help you find the existing idea so you can vote on it and become a supporter of the idea. You can even add public comments to share your perspective on the problem and/or potential solution. If the idea is new and unique, the Venafi Warrior Community will walk you through the idea submission process.

Note: You'll still use and to get technical help on product issues. Sometimes after working with Venafi Customer Support on a problem, you may be directed by an agent to visit the Venafi Warrior Community to submit a new idea.

What happens to the existing ideas that are still open as Enhancement Requests at

The most popular and most recent ideas have already been migrated by Venafi Product Management to the new Venafi Warrior Community. All remaining ideas will be closed in bulk with a message telling you that if the idea is still something you are interested in, to please submit it on the new Venafi Warrior Community. Even if someone else has already submitted it, it's still a great idea to track it down and vote for it to throw your support behind the idea. Unfortunately, because "voting" was not a part of the old Enhancement Requests process, those ERs can't automatically be migrated over.

How do we authenticate to

The Ideas portal leverages the same authentication system that's being used for the following sites:

How do we register for an account if I have never logged into one of the sites listed above?

Current Venafi customers who have Venafi credentials can register at:

Although anyone can register for a Venafi account, only accounts with a recognized "active customer" email domain will have access to and

Contact Venafi Customer Support at if you have a valid account that can authenticate to or but does not authenticate to

What information is visible to all active Venafi customers at the Venafi Warrior Community?

Great question! As the leading cyber security company in Machine Identity Management, Venafi views your security and privacy as top priority.  We are really excited to offer the ability for all Venafi customers to submit new ideas, vote, and collaborate.

The following information is visible to all active Venafi customers:

  • The title and description of any ideas that you submit, along with your full name
  • The comments you make on any ideas, along with your full name.

Information that is visible to only Venafi employees (this information is NOT available to other customers):

  • Your email address
  • The name of your organization

What this means is that when you are sharing ideas or comments on the site, you should be specific about the problem you are trying to solve and any ideas you have on how you might solve it. You likely want to exclude any information in your posts that might be considered proprietary information by your organization including the name of your organization.

Are ideas and comments moderated at the Ideas portal?

Currently, yes. Before new ideas and comments are posted live, the content is reviewed by a member of the Venafi Product Management team before approval for publishing. Content might not be visible until the next business day if a post is submitted on nights or weekends.

When we review ideas and comments, we make sure the content is professional, on topic, and that you don't accidentally post information that might be considered sensitive by your organization or Venafi. In the future, we will likely revisit this configuration to see if the moderation process is working well. 

When I use the Ideas portal I see that different ideas are assigned different statuses.  What do those statuses mean?

We're glad you asked. We have a dedicated Knowledge Base article that explains statuses in detail.

I love the Venafi Warrior Community.  I just submitted 20 awesome ideas. When will they all be delivered?

Excellent! We are excited that you love the new Ideas portal as much as we do.  We really appreciate you taking the time to submit new ideas so that Venafi and other customers can begin reviewing and discussing them. We expect it to be a place where hundreds if not thousands of ideas are submitted. 

Unfortunately, for each quarterly release of the Venafi Trust Protection Platform, only a handful of ideas will be delivered as new features. This means that some ideas will not be delivered in the near future, i.e., within the next 12 months. Some ideas won't be acted on. However, Venafi Product Management is committed to providing a timely public response to every idea that is submitted. We currently meet as a team every week to review and respond to new ideas.

How does Venafi decide what ideas get incorporated into future product releases, is it the number of votes?

Venafi gathers a lot of information when we build and execute on our Product Road Map. Unfortunately, there isn't an algorithm that we use to tell us if and when to act on an idea. 

Here is a list of some of the criteria we use when we evaluate an idea:

  • Security impact
  • Trends within related industries, such as PKI, SSH, Enterprise & Cyber Security, DevOps, Enterprise IT Infrastructure, and so on.
  • Severity of the business impact that the problem causes
  • How frequently the problem is encountered
  • Percentage of our customer base that is impacted by the problem
  • Number of customers that have shown interest in the problem and supported the idea
  • Cost to develop the solution
  • Review of alternate solutions that are available in the product today
  • Determine if problem/solution aligns with the strategic vision and scope of the product
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