Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 18.4.1 is Released

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18.4.1 includes fixes to address the Trust Protection Platform ( TPP ) server. 

To successfully install this script:

  1. Download the patch from
  2. Stop all Venafi Services as well as as the Venafi sites on all servers
  3. Unzip the 18.4.1 patch file.
  4. Copy the Patch 18.04.01.xxxxx.vupkg to the ..\Venafi\Packages folder
  5. Run the Venafi Updater application
  6. Select the Patch 18.04.01.xxxxx.vupkg from the list
  7. Click on install
  8. Once done, restart all Venafi services and Venafi sites


More Information:

The 18.4.1 patch contains the following fixes:

  • Object has no Object Classes in LDAP driver (VEN-38633, @30456, @43449)
  • Slowness in Aperture when searching contacts (VEN-45286, @41434)
  • Database account password shown in clear text during initial configuration (VEN-45570, @42850)
  • LDAP Identity driver needs updates for schema parsing for some LDAP providers (VEN-45587, @40584)
  • F5 Onboard Discovery sometimes fails to create F5 application if certificate is already managed by Venafi (VEN-45589, @43028)
  • Upgrading Server installation error: Migration Task 'Undefine ToDo Attributes' encountered an error performing the migration if old references still exist (VEN-45591, @42968)
  • Unable to push cert and key to same file with Apache and PEM drivers (VEN-45623, 242163)
  • Trusted CA Monitor widget drilldown not working (VEN-45877)
  • Issuer Filter in Certificate Inventory does not show certificates (VEN-46073, @43543)
  • Unable to save Certificate CA Template Policy (VEN-46077)
  • It takes almost 3 minutes to save a an application after you associate it to a certificate (VEN-46258, @41862, @43905)
  • VaultID values on CA Template keep getting duplicated after a few days (VEN-46259, @42407, @43905)
  • DigiCert CA driver no longer supports CA Agility (VEN-46382, @44050)
  • Nested Groups in a trusted domain not granting members permissions (VEN-46441, @41480)
  • After a cert has been incorrectly enrolled outside of TPP with a trailing space, TPP still renews with a trailing space as well (VEN-46503, @42537)
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