Info: AJ Support for non domain machines

Applies to:

TPP 18.2+, Agent Junior(mobility agent, user agent)



As of 18.2,  TPP now has the ability to support the installation of the User Agent onto non-domain joined windows devices.


More info:

  • As well as the TPP server needing to be on 18.2+ the user agent also needs to be on 18.2+
  • After installing the agent on the non-domain based machine the end user is asked for AD credentials when the agent is started for the first time.
  • This credential set must be valid for the identity provider set in TPP.
  • From this point onwards these credentials are stored encrypted in the registry and used to pass the Windows Authentication set on VedClient application pool.
  • If these credentials are changed in the future(password expires maybe) then the user will be prompted to update the credentials on the machine.
  • See attached screen shot of credential request.
  • Both UPN and samaccountname are supported for username.
  • Registration password is Agent Registration password set in Aperture.



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