Complete uninstallation of User Agent for macOS

Applies To:

Venafi Enterprise Mobility Protect Agent 18.2+ for macOS


User Agent for macOS may need to be completely uninstalled from a macOS device. Following the steps below will not only remove the application bundle but also preferences and secrets used to establish a secure trust between the User Agent and Trust Protection Platform. New User Agent installation on the same device may require actions on Trust Protection Platform to allow new secure trust.

Steps For Complete Uninstallation:

You can use the following commands to completely uninstall User Agent from a macOS device.

Note: The commands are containing relative paths, so they must be executed in the user’s session to be successful.

1. Stop the User Agent application.

2. Remove the User Agent's application bundle.

Typically, the application bundle is placed under /Applications, so you can execute the following command to remove it:

rm -rf /Applications/Venafi\ Enterprise\ Mobility\ Protect\

3. Remove all secrets from Keychain.

a. Open Keychain application and select 'login' keychain (it is selected by default).
b. Delete all passwords named "Venafi AJ". Depending on the current status of the User Agent, the passwords are 5 or less.

4. Remove user's preferences.

You can use the following commands to remove all preferences used by User Agent.

 rm -f ~/Library/Preferences/com.venafi.aj.plist
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.venafi.aj

5. Unregister User Agent from automatic start on logon. 

User Agent is usually started automatically after user logon, you can use the command below to unregister it.

launchctl remove "com.venafi.macajloginhelper"
launchctl remove "com.venafi.aj"




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