INFO: Rights Required to run Installation and Upgrade scripts

Applies To

All versions of Venafi TPP on MS SQL Server


When creating a new, or upgrading a Venafi TPP installation, some scripts need to be run directly on the Database server. These scripts perform several important functions 

Rights Requirement

Most of the scripts require SysAdmin rights to run. Some can be run with DBO rights on the Venafi designated Database, but not all.

These scripts include the following, along with a brief description of what each does.

  • CreateDB - This script is used to create the base or shell of the DB that Venafi will use.  It creates the tables, scripts, and triggers necessary for storing information.
  • mssql_update - these are used to upgrade the database structure (originally created with CreateDB above) to the new format.
  • Sample-Grants - this is used to apply rights to the service account used by Venafi to read and write data into the database (configured during installation). In older product versions, there were update "versions" of this script as well.

More Information

At least one SQL command found in some of these scripts requires SysAdmin:


This is found in the CreateDB scripts and in some of the Upgrade scripts.

There may be others, but this should be sufficient reason to ensure the DBO is either present and personally running the scripts, or has granted another user the appropriate rights.

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