Problem: Applications being marked "Obsolete" after Discovery.

Applies To

All versions of Venafi TPP


In the console, you may see a number of applications which are suddenly marked as "Obsolete"


More Information

Generally, this would happen after a discovery or import of some kind.

Resolution / Explanation

This is actually working as designed, not an error. For instance, in the case of a discovery job, the application is renamed because the discovery finds an existing application with the same name, virtual server, and ssl profile but a different certificate than was discovered.

This can happen if you do a discovery against an f5 and then change the associated certificate on the application and then do another discovery. Or, if between discoveries the certificate on the existing ssl profile was changed.

Generally, this will result in the creation of a new / duplicate application with a different cert. Check for this.

If you are seeing this and this behavior is not correct, please contact support and reference the KB.

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