Info: "Certificate Manager - Provisioning Process Completed" messages changed between 18.1 and 18.4

Applies To:

Version 18.x


According to the documentation about the EventID's for 18.x, the following event: "Certificate Manager - Provisioning Process Completed" is to apply to certificates as follows:

"Certificate $Event.Component$ has completed the Provisioning process for the 
associated Application $Event.Text1$."

The problem was that the Event.Component was the Application Object. The net results in previous releases therefore was that it would read:

Certificate [application object] has completed the provisioning process for the associated application [application object].

Obviously this reads wrong.

Additionally, event triggers had to be based on the application object instead of the cert.

This has now been corrected, by correcting the associated event.component.

Related Issue:

Additionally, the event "Certificate Manager - Provisioning Operations Completed" was incorrectly associated with the Certificate Object.  Because it did not refer to the Event.component, the message was correct, BUT the event component was still wrong.

Overall Summary / Correction

In essence, these two event components were swapped, and this has been corrected at some point prior to 18.4.

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