Issue: After 19.1 upgrade, RegEx expressions are failing.

Applies To

19.1 upgraded from previous versions

Problem Description

There are two or three possible symptoms of the same issue.

  1. You may have seen errors about the expressions in the logs during upgrades, like this:
    Migration Task 'Migrate Placement Rules' completed with warnings. Check the installation log file for details. 
    Failed to parse ‘Default Vendor Issued’: Cannot parse ’(?i:o=(?:AirMagnet|
    American Megatrends Inc.|American Power Conversion|APC|Avaya|Avocent Mergepoint|
    ?Cisco’; error: Regular expression invalid: parsing “(?i:o=(?:airmagnet|
    american megatrends inc.|american power conversion|apc|avaya|avocent mergepoint|
    ?cisco” - Quantifier {x,y} following nothing.
    Rule Type:Certificate
    Certificate Location 1\2\3
    Device Location 1\2\3
    Placement Rule Item:
    Jobs that were associated with the rule that could not be migrated.
    After re-adding the rule in Aperture, re-associate the rule with these jobs if needed.
  2. You may see a truncated RegEx rule where you used to have a full rule. Please note that in the above log, during migration, part of the RegEx was, in fact, truncated.
  3. You may see extra double-quotes in your RegEx.


The full cause of the issue is currently unknown, but the failure itself is due to extra double-quotes being added to the expression. These double-quotes are breaking up the expression essentially, and then they are evaluated improperly, causing the failures seen.  Here is one example:

0::IssuerDN::MatchesRegex::(?i:o=(?:AirMagnet|American Megatrends Inc\.|
American Power Conversion|APC|Avaya|Avocent Mergepoint|“?Cisco Sys?tems|
Citrix ANG|Dell Inc|EMC|EndRun Technologies|Foundstone|“?Hitachi|
Hewlett-Packard|IBM|Imperva Inc\.|Infoblox|LANDesk\(R\) Software, Ltd|“?
Liquidware Labs|Lexmark|McAfee|MANDIANT|Opsware Inc\.|Palo Alto Networks|
SolarWinds|“?Sourcefire|Splunk|Valued Datadomain Customer|“?VMWare))

This is originally from the following KB, but if you look at the KB in the link below, none of the double-quotes are present:

Placement Rule RegEx For Default Vendor Issued Certs


The key is to remove the double-quotes and fix the RegEx.

IF you happen to be using a version of the RegEx supplied by Professional Services in the above article, please revert to the article version which is regularly kept up-to-date and will resolve the issue.

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