Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 17.4.3 Patch is Released

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17.4.3 includes fixes to the Trust Protection Platform ( TPP ) server.  


To successfully install this script:

  1. Ensure all TPP services are stopped on all TPP servers that reference the TPP Database server.
  2. Unzip the Venafi Trust Protection Platform file.  This zip contains the .vupkg file to be installed on all TPP servers, and also the Agent Upgrade 17.4.2 files.
  3. Copy the patch package file to each server and install with the VenafiUpdater program as always.
  4. Restart TPP services on all previously stopped servers

More Information:

Fixes contained in this patch:


Agent Junior Fixes

  • User Agent for Windows is not using TLS 1.2 by default. (VEN-49062)
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