Info: How To Enroll For a Training Class.

If you or your company has purchased training or would like to purchase training for the VSA (Venafi Security Admin) certification course, these directions will help you get enrolled to a class.

1. If you don't have an account, create one by clicking Register or this link

2. Click on the Class ID you would like to be enrolled in.

  • Choose the appropriate Course ID for enrollment
  • The date/time are calculated and represented from your browser time.
  • Private location means this is a private class you cannot join unless otherwise communicated
  • Location with Open Enrollment means you can request to join the course.

3. Click PayPal to pay for the course

  • If you have already paid, use the Discount Code to bypass payment or get the discounted pricing
  • Please contact your Sales Rep or trainer for codes where applicable.


4. Once you have Enrolled you go into a Pending state and receive an email:


5. You can download the calendar place holder and then wait for further communication from the course trainer.

For help, please contact the trainers at







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