Issue: System Status Dashboard (Aperture) doesn't accurately reflect the status of services

Applies To:

All versions of TPP with Aperture once the System Status was moved to it (v15+)


The System Status Dashboard in Aperture may not always accurately reflect the status of the installation options or service running status.

A classic example of this is if the Logging service is disabled on a TPP server in a TPP cluster, but in the System Status, you get an error that shows it is not running.

Per the documentation here:

Simply stopping the service will give this error, but once it's disabled, it should be "removed" from the dashboard.

A check to the VCC will even show the service stopped and disabled.


These discrepancies are caused when the status of components are modified using other tools instead of  using the VCC.

For instance, stopping the logging service outside the VCC could leave the System Status showing a running service for a short time (until a system check is run - default every 5 minutes).

Another example is that disabling a service using services.mmc will stop the service from ever starting, and the VCC will even "see" that it's disabled. However, because the VCC didn't make that change, the "switch" in our system wasn't logged, and the change isn't registered. This results in the example given above in the Summary section.


Unmake the changes, and then remake any desired changes using the VCC utility rather than some other method.  This will always keep the System Status Dashboard current and accurate.



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