Issue: Failed to load API definitions

Applies To:

19.1 and forward


When attempting to connect to the WebSDK site (e.g. https://localhost/vedsdk ) you may encounter an error on the swagger page that reads:

Failed to load API definitions

Errors: Fetch error
Not Found /vedsdk/docs/swagger.yaml



This is caused by a new method of presenting the VEDSDK docs in 19.1 where there is also an option to test and experiment with code from within the web page.

This page uses CORS to include content from another location, not just the default location.

If a proxy server or other device does not support CORS, this page will fail to load.


Connecting directly to the TPP site (bypassing Proxy servers) generally works because most browsers support CORS naively. For example, one should test this from the TPP server directly using Local Host to see if the problem still persists or not.

Optimally, correcting PROXY servers to support this is ideal. To determine how to correct the PROXY server, please contact the proxy manufacturer.

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