Issue: Disabled Service Broker ToDoStagingQueue

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You will notice processing of tasks will hang / get stuck. For example, certificate renewal processing on multiple certificates will get stuck. You will also notice the following error message in the sql server logs: 

'[dbo].[ToDo_Request_Staging_Queue_Activation]' running on queue 'Venafi.dbo.ToDoRequestStagingQueue' output the following: 'Staging queue activation received error Code:9617 Description:"The service queue "ToDoRequestStagingQueue" is currently disabled."'


The Service Broker ToDoRequestStagingQueue is disabled


Navigate to the Service Broker in the MSSQL database. Right click and select Enable Queue in the ToDoRequestStagingQueue in the Service Broker. See example below:


More Information:

If you notice the ToDoRequestStagingQueue auto re-disabling itself, this is due to a RAISE error exception that is being thrown that is not properly getting handled by the ToDo_Request_Staging_Queue_Activation stored procedure. See error message below: 


The stored procedure tries to handle the RAISE error but then gets stuck in an endless loop causing the queue to remain disabled. 


** Make sure to read my note below to know what script to run.

Run the attached script against the Venafi database, restart the sql server process, then enable the queue. This will alter the ToDo_Request_Staging_Queue_Activation stored procedure to add a return statement, which will release itself from the endless loop and allow you to re-enable the ToDoRequestStagingQueue. You should be able to resume processing at that point.

 ** For customers that installed 20.1 initially or upgraded from 18.3 to 20.1 need to run  the Alter_ToDo_Request_Staging_Queue_Activation.sql

For customers that are on 18.4+ except those who installed 20.1 initially or upgraded to 20.1 from 18.3 will need to use Alter_ToDo_Request_Staging_Queue_Activation Pre 20.1.sql

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