Symantec MPKI URL Change

Applies To:

All Digicert customers who utilize the Symantec MSSL and CWS enrollment URLs

TPP 19.2 or earlier


Customers may have received an email similar to this from Digicert:

"On April 25, 2020, the MSSL and CWS certificate enrollment services on will no longer be available.
Make sure your certificate subscribers go to your enrollment pages on at, which is the base URL for the certificate enrollment page."


The Url changes Digicert is talking about are: 

Old URL: 

New URL:


More Info:

Using Venafi the URLs in versions older than 19.3 will remain active until the end of 2020. Customers running TPP versions older than 19.3 should consider upgrading within that time-frame.

Venafi updated the URLs within Venafi starting in 19.3. released around September of 2019. Customers running that version or higher can continue business as usual.



If upgrading is not possible by the end of 2020, Venafi Support can help you override the URL on the CA templates using a config attribute. If you need help with this, open a support request by emailing


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