Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 19.1.6 Patch Is Released

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19.1.6 is Available from in the Trust Protection Platform / Previous folder

19.1.6 includes fixes to address issues in the Trust Protection Platform (TPP) server.  Also updates for the Agent installers and an update packages is included.   

NOTE: This patch contains a database script (mssql_update_19.1_to_19.1.6.sql) that MUST be run on your database server by a Database Administrator (DbA).   

To successfully install this Patch:

  1. Ensure all TPP services are stopped on all TPP servers reference the Database server.
  2. Unzip the 19.1.6 patch file, which will install a copy of the necessary script file to your TPP server's file system where you unzipped the file.
  3. Copy the script files .\Database Scripts\mssql_update_19.1_to_19.1.6.sql to your MSSQL Server.  
  4. As the Database Administrator, run this script, add a new Stored Procedure and update an existing Stored Procedure for better error handling and reporting in the ToDo handling system. 
  5. NOTE: This patch also contains a zip file named Updater  Unzip this to get the new VenafiUpdaterInstallerx64.msi that MUST be installed to complete the full patch install.  Critical files updated in this patch can only be installed this way.
  6. After the database script(s) have been run and the new VenafiUpdater installed, then install the 19.1.6 patch package on all servers in your TPP environment.
  7. Restart TPP services on all previously stopped servers

Note: The Database Upgrade script only needs to be installed on the Database server.  VenafiUpdater and the Patch package must be installed on every TPP server in your environment.


More Information:

The 19.1.6 patch contains the following fixes:

  • Custom report causing 500 error in aperture (VEN-53223, @52502)
  • View certificates exports blank csv (VEN-55568, @53109)
  • Fatal Exception ''An item with the same key has already been added.' (VEN-56403, @55745)
  • SCEP returns the previous/historical version of the certificate (VEN-56861, @54006)
  • Exception: Value cannot be null when trying to run Onboard Discovery against Datapower (VEN-57181, @56728)
  • TempDB filled up because license report is using the old APIs (VEN-57977, @55296)
  • Aperture and VedAdmin UI display the DN value on a certificate with 2 quotes even though the
  • CSR and signed certificate has the DN value with 1 quote (VEN-58032, @57143)
  • TPP Server with no AD availability fails/slow to start because of deadlock in driver shutdown routine (VEN-59390, @56421)
  • AD auto rediscovery issues (VEN-59393, @55747)
  • During a rolling upgrade in a multi-engine environment, WebAdmin can't be logged into on the
  • Engine that hasn't upgraded (VEN-59413)
  • Certificates Not Processing: RAISE error causing looping in stored procedure (VEN-59416, @58192)
  • Performance in vedadmin policy is slow (VEN-59482, @55948)
  • Aperture banner/menu bar disappears (VEN-59535, @53952)
  • Return Error when DeleteObject fails (VEN-59834)
  • Validation is hanging as a result of failing to pull back files (VEN-60002, @56143)
  • Some High severity security issues were resolved (VEN-59386, VEN-59566, @58059)
  • Some Medium severity security issues were resolved (VEN-59380,VEN-59383, VEN-60037, @57974, @58018, @59712)
  • A low security risk issue was resolved (VEN-59377,@52274)


Venafi Updater fixes included in 19.1.6 (released as separate msi installer in the main zip package):

  • Updater is not able to verify a package if machine cannot reach the internet (VEN-58433)


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