Info: gpg is unresponsive after a signing error; venafiscd has high CPU utilization

Affected Versions:

Venafi CodeSign Protect 20.2


It is possible to get into a state where venafiscd and gpg are no longer able to communicate, causing all further actions that require venafiscd to block. When in this state, venafiscd will spin causing 100% CPU utilization on one core.


This state can happen if a signing operation is attempted using an environment that is not currently available, but is known to venafiscd.

For example, if a user performs a signing operation while connected to the VPN and then attempts the same operation after disconnecting from the VPN without stopping the venafiscd process.

Other situations can cause it, such as an error with the actual signing operation, or a change to the IP restrictions of the environment.


Once in this state, the solution is to stop all venafiscd processes, using a command such as 'killall -9 venafiscd' or, on windows, ending the task using the task manager.

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