Issue: Navigating to Venafi Websites Returns 403 Forbidden Access Errors When The IIS Default Document Setting is Disabled

Applies To

All versions of TPP


When navigating to your venafi url, any endpoint such as /vedadmin /aperture will return a 403 Forbidden Access error:


More Information

The default document is the file that is sent by the Web server when it receives a request for a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that does not specify a file name (for example, http://MyWebSite). The default document can be the home page of a Web site, or an index page that displays a hypertext listing of the contents of the site or folder.


Venafi relies on this setting to correctly present our endpoints.


When you receive this error after verifying that permissions and other IIS settings are in order, it may be because this Default Document setting is disabled.





Enable the Default Document setting and restart IIS. 


This should present the endpoint urls as expected.



This troubleshooting step should be performed after standard IIS settings and app pools are checked for correct configuration.


If the issue still persists, contact

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