Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform Patch Install Procedure

Applies To:

20.4 and newer versions of TPP, that use MSI installers for patches instead of .VUPKG files.


All patches can be downloaded from 

Important Changes in how Patches are Installed:

The Patch installation procedure has changed starting with 20.4 versions of TPP and newer. Previously, Venafi Updater Packages (with file extension .vupkg) contained the files that were modified by the patch.  Going forward, Venafi patches will be released as .msi installers, the same as the major quarterly release.  In the Venafi TPP Documentation folder a new file named Readme is included that details the changes included in the patch version of the MSI.

Since the installer is now a full install package, which contains the complete TPP installation software, it is no longer required that you install the base version of the product prior to installing a patch.  This means that you can upgrade directly from any currently supported previous version to a patched version. For example, if you are upgrading from 20.1.X to 21.1.X you can simply install the 21.1.X MSI directly without installing the 21.1.0 version first. This applies to all MSI patch versions starting with 20.4

After unzipping the upgrade package zip file, you need only run the VenafiTPPInstallx64.msi to install this version. This will install all the files for this version.  Note also that since this is a full install package, all files will now carry the file version indication of the MSI you are installing, not just individual files that are updated by the fixes in the patch.

The Venafi Agent installers and traditional upgrade package and the Code Signing Clients installers are also included. Note that if there are any fixes for either of these products, they will be included in the Patch.

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