Info: Venafi Server Agents rolling release installation

Applies To:

Venafi Server Agent versions 21.3 and later and patches for these versions


Since version 21.3 of Venafi Trust Protection Platform the Venafi Server Agent component became a rolling release. This means that in addition to the prior compatibility of a newer TPP Server working with an older Server Agent version (as specified in the "Trust Protection Platform and Server Agent version compatibility" help topic) it is possible to install and operate a Server Agent version newer than that of the TPP Server with a resulting feature set as specified in the newly added extension of the same topic.  

Product Documentation Clarification:

The section titled  "Server Agent XX.Y supported upgrade paths for Venafi Update package" in the Venafi Trust Protection Platform documentation Supported upgrade models and paths topic refers only to installing the current version Server Agent Venafi updater package with the current version of Trust Protection Platform Venafi Updater utility.


Do not install the 21.3 or later Server Agent Venafi upgrade packages versions of Venafi Trust Protection Platform that are 20.1 and older. 

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