Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform V22.2 Is Released

What's new in Venafi Trust Protection Platform

The new features for the latest release can be found by visiting the Venafi Documentation Portal at

Trust Protection Platform documentation

You can access product documentation through the Venafi Documentation Portal. To access the documentation portal:

  • Visit
  • Log in using your Venafi training or download credentials. Visit for our single-sign on page if you need to modify your account.
  • Choose the version of the documentation that you want to view.


Additionally, you can also find product documentation in the following locations:

  • From the Help link in Aperture, Web Admin, Code Signing, and VCC.
  • On Windows Server where you’ve installed Trust Protection Platform, click the Start menu, and then type Venafi.
  • From the Installation Guide.lnk file included in the zip package, launch the HTML Help version of the Installation Guide.
  • The PDF versions of the documentation are now in the Documentation Portal at
  • From the Trust Protection Platform Web SDK documentation appears in the following location: \Program Files\Venafi\Documentation\WebSDK\Default.htm.
  • On your test instance of Trust Protection Platform. For testing REST API calls, Swagger documentation is only available in your own instance of Trust Protection Platform. For more information, see the "Getting started" section of the Web SDK Developers Guide.

Resolved and known issues

The list of resolved and known issues for the current release is available in the online readme on the Documentation Portal:  

Features that have been deprecated (or are planned for deprecation)

For an updated list of Trust Protection Platform features that have been deprecated, or are planned to be deprecated, refer to the following pages on the Documentation Portal.

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