How to Upgrade VSatellite Service


This article talks about the upgrade process of an existing VSatellite installation.


Do I need to perform upgrade maintenance of the VSatellite service to obtain new versions or obtain new features?


You should never need to perform manual upgrade steps or general maintenance on the VSatellite service. VSatellite is a self updating feature for Venafi as a Service that provides various functionalities in your private network such as internal network scans or facilitating communication to your Microsoft CA, among other features. As new functions are deployed to Venafi as a Service that involve the VSatellite, those new features will also be installed automatically to your VSatellite without any user interaction.

If you are attempting to migrate the existing VSatellite host to a new host, leave your current VSatellite running and functioning during this process. As you install the new VSatellite, certain settings will be synchronized with the existing VSatellite such as the data encryption key for the Automated Secure Keypair (private key generation) service. Once the new service is online, you may migrate your existing scans and integrations to this new service and safely remove the old VSatellite from your tenant if desired.


This service is self upgrading. As new versions or patches are released, your VSatellite service will upgrade itself automatically and will also automatically add new features. There is no user control of this functionality.

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