How To: Create New Active Directory Master Administrators

Follow these steps if you would like to add additional Active Directory Master Administrators to your Director environment.


  1. Log into your Director Windows Administrative Console with your current Active Directory Master Admin Account.
  2. Go to the Identity Tree
  3. Click on the "AD + AD" object in the identity tree.  Your name will differ depending on the friendly name you have given to your Active Directory Identity Provider.

    Note: The objects listed as child objects under "Provider" list all your identity providers where you can configure that providers settings.  The second/last object in the root of the Identity Tree is where you can search for users to configure permissions/settings for that user.  That is why we are clicking on the lower object.
  4. Type in the username of the person whom you want to grants Master Admin Rights to in the "Filter Identity Tree by:"
  5. Click Apply




  1. Choose the user from the filter results in the Identity Tree
  2. Check the box to make the user a Master Admin
  3. Click Apply


  1. Log out of the Director Administrator Console and log in with the new Active Directory Account to use the newly granted Master Account Permissions


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