Info: Venafi Security Administrator 8 (VSA8) Syllabus


VCA8 is an advanced one-day instructor led certification course that covers the installation and platform

configuration of Venafi Encryption Director 8. Focus is given to global configuration items and product

administrator tasks.

By the end of this course participants will understand and be able to implement within Director:

Requirements and Installation

  • Server and Database requirements for Venafi Encryption Director 8
  • Database configuration
  • Installing binaries

Platform Configuration

  • Logging configuration
  • Notification configuration
  • Agent/KMIP services
  • Identity Driver Configuration


  • Configure enterprise network discovery scan
  • Configure agent based discovery scans on targeted servers

Other Tasks

  • Applying product updates
  • Using Windows Administration Console

More Information

VCA8 Certification Requirements

  • Must have Venafi Certified Professional 8 (VCP8) certification as prerequisite
  • Take approved VCA8 course
  • Pass proctored VCA8 exam by 80%

Class Format

  • Detailed product discussion
  • Examples and screenshots from the product
  • Robust, hands-on lab environment hosted in Amazon EC2 Cloud


Venafi Certified Administrator 8 Product Training

08:30 Module 1: Requirements, database setup, and installation

Lab 1

09:30 Module 2: Setting up a second engine and failover Log Server

Lab 2

10:30 Break

Module 3: Windows Administration Console

Lab 3

Module 4: Logging & Notification Configuration

Lab 4

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Module 5: Platform Configuration

Lab 5

Module 6: Configuring Identity Driver

Lab 6

Module 7: Network Discovery

Lab 7

15:00 Break

15:15 Module 8: Agent Deployment, Configuration, and Discovery

Lab 8

Module 9: Product Updates

Lab 9

Module 10: Course Review and Venafi Technology Expert 8 (VTE8) Preview

15:45 Closing Q&A

16:00 VCA8 Certification Test


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