How To: Increase the Execution timeout for the Aperture application pool

Applies to:

Trust Protection Platform 14 and above


When the connection to the database gets slow, the Aperture portal could present an Error 500 when accessing it.

This can be due to a connection time out to the database server.

By default, IIS set the value to 110 seconds.

This article will explain how to increase the Execution time out for the Aperture application pool.


IMPORTANT: Customization of the Web.config files are not kept upon upgrade. Make sure you reapply the changes following the upgrade.

Before performing these steps, make sure the current logged on user can:

  • Modify files located in the Venafi\Web\Aperture\API
  • Restart the Aperture application pool within IIS management tool


  1. Go to the Venafi\Web\Aperture\API
  2. Open and edit the web.config file
  3. Locate the line:
    <httpRuntime requestPathInvalidCharacters="&lt;,&gt;,*,%,&amp;,\,?">
  4. Change it to
    <httpRuntime requestPathInvalidCharacters="&lt;,&gt;,*,%,&amp;,\,?" executionTimeout="180">
    This will change the Execution Time Out to 180 seconds. The value shown here is an example; you may have to experiment with value to fit your environment
  5. Save and close
  6. Restart the Aperture application pool


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