How To: Increase the Execution timeout for any Venafi sites

Applies to:

Trust Protection Platform 14 and above



On some occasions, increasing the execution time out for any of the Venafi WebSites would help users to logon as there could be high latency.

By default, IIS sets the value to 110 seconds.


This article will explain how to increase the Execution time out for any sites.



IMPORTANT: Customisation of the Web.config files are not kept upon upgrade. 

MAKE SURE you add these changes to your organizations upgrade playbook so that they can be reconfigured after applying patches or updates.


Before performing these steps, make sure the current logged on user can make changes to the IIS configuration.


  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, then under Sites, locate the site you want to modify the execution time out setting. In this example, it will be the WebAdmin site (VEDAdmin) (1)


  2. Once selected, select Configuration Editor (2) from the Management section and click Open Feature
  3. Change the section to system.web/httpRuntime (3)
  4. Change the executionTimeout (4) setting to a value, which fits your needs
  5. Click Apply (5)
  6. Restart the Venafi site for the new setting to be applied


The new Execution Time Out value should now be used.


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