Error: LogMsSQL Open error (failed) Execute non-query failed

Applies To:

All versions of TPP


After installing VTPP, when starting the "Venafi Log Server" service, this service will not start and the below error is observerd in the windows application error log:

LogMsSQL Open error (failed) Execute non-query failed, System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException caught; Incorrect syntax near '.2'.


The database name that VTPP is trying to is "TPP15.2". The issue was with the database name containg a '.' (dot).


To fix, perform the following:

1. Shut down the Venafi Trust Protection Platform service on the TPP server.
2. Shutdown the Wolrd Wide Web Publishing service on the TPP server.
3. On the database server, rename the database removing the '.' (dot). In this example the database was renamed to "TPP152".
4. On the TPP Server, run the Venafi Control Center and modify the database configuration with the new name TPP152.
5. Start the Venafi services (Venafi Log Server, Venafi Trust Protection Platform and World Wide Web Publishing service)
6. Once the services start, login to the WebAdmin console, navigate to the "Logging Tree>Default SQL Channel" and change the database name under the Log View Database Access section to TPP152.
7. You are done


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