Info: DataPower Application Driver


IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances is a family of purpose-built, easy-to-deploy network devices (XML appliances) that simplify, help secure, and accelerate XML and Web Services deployments while extending SOA infrastructure.

Venafi has a driver to interact with and provide full provisioning of certificates to this device and application.


More Info:

Create the application object first:


Steps to configure the DataPower application object:

Complete the DataPower object:

  1. Status
  • Uncheck Processing Disabled
  • Certificate
    • Associated certificate is where you would manually choose what existing certificate applies to this driver. This is the certificate installed on the application.
    • If this does not yet exist then there is no need to select Edit.
  • General
    • Description - Create a description for the DataPower object
    • Contact - User or group identities assigned to this object, The default notifications are sent to these
    • Approver - User or group identities assigned to approve Workflow
  • Application Information
    • Application Credentials - Set up credentials to authenticate with the application
    • SSH Port – select SSH port to use
    • Hostname/Address of your SFTP server to intermediately hold the certificate data
    • Enter the credentials to access the SFTP server
    • Enter the path to the Keystore
    • Select the port to use for this communication
  • Configuration -DATAPOWER SPECIFIC
    • Enter your DataPower Application Domain
    • Select Certificate only or Both Certificate and Private Key depending on your needs
    • Select Validation, Identification, and Crypto checkboxes where applicable to your specific DataPower setup
  • SSL Proxy Profile Configuration -DATAPOWER SPECIFIC

    • Enter SSL Proxy Profile (Like Network interface for DataPower)

  • Renewal
    • Create credential for the private key you are creating

  • Certificate and Private Key Settings

    • Choose if you want to install the full certificate chain

    • Choose if you want to use FIPS

    • Other fields will become populated

    • Select the Edit button and populate the fields if a certificate already exists on the DataPower appliance

    DataPower Driver Stages:




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