Info: Prerequisites required when setting up the IBM GSK Driver


To enable Director Certificate Manager to provision certificates on GSK keystores, you must complete the several steps on your GSK application’s server first.

Director supports the following versions of the GSKxCMD utility:



More Info:

Steps for your prerequisites

  1. Set up the keystore database.
  • For more information, refer to your GSKxCMD utility documentation.
  • Grant Execute permissions to the java.bin executable in the CLASS_PATH.
  • Grant the following rights to the user account that Director uses to authenticate with the keystore:
    • Read and Write access to the Key Store Path defined in the GSK Application object.
    • Read and Write access to the temp directory defined in the Device object.
    • The user account must be an owner of the keystore.
  • Set the JAVA_PATH for the user you will be accessing the keystore with
  • Set the Environment Variable path for GSK
  • Open the SSH port.
    • Director uses the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to manage certificates in GSK keystores; therefore, Director must have access to the server’s SSH port. The default SSH port is port 22.
  • In the Director administration console, create a Device object for the server where the keystore is installed.
  • In the Director administration console, create and configure a GSK Application object.
  • In the Director administration console, associate the GSK Application object with the certificates stored in the keystore.

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