Error: VCC returns "Unable to change the Service Config for Windows Service (VED) Error 1057"

Applies to:

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.x and up
Microsoft SQL with Windows Authentication



Venafi Control Center (VCC) returns error "Unable to change the Service Config for Windows Service(VED). GetLastError returned Error 1057".



This issue may be caused by the Database username configured during VCC. The credentials may be incorrect or in unusable format.


NOTE: When clicking Verify in VCC the connection is tested for the currently logged on user. This does not test what is configured for the the Database settings. The Database settings are used when VCC configures the Venafi services and IIS Application pool Identites.



We can update the credentials used for the Venafi services and IIS Application Pools by updating the database password using VCC. In this example we had to change to use the UPN format for the username:



If this does not resolve the issue, we can manually test setting the Venafi Services to run as the service account:


Doing this will hopefully expose the problem. We have to update the Database Configuration credentials in VCC to work or this issue will appear with each upgrade.





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