Keeping recently renewed certs on our radar

This may be very specific to the company I work for...

We keep a running report of the items that are expiring in 45 days or less. 

The problem occurs in what we see as "grey area", where a cert has been sent for renewal or is already renewed, so it won't show up on a report showing what is nearing expiration. If we use a "recently renewed" report the date shown is the newest renewal date and leads to confusion.The Renewed cert may also not yet be installed. Not being installed on an endpoint could lead to an outage and could lead to money lost

Unfortunately, our TPP devices don't always have access to the endpoints to install or access to the needed directories which leads to delays in installation of a cert. Or they may be on edge devices or appliances that aren't accessible from out TPP, which are usually high priority because they are externally facing. 

So - what ideas do you guys have for this problem? Is anyone tracking this? Is this something your enterprise doesn't care about? Any recommendations

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